About us


Hauschild & Co. KG (Hauschild Engineering) is a family business founded in Hamm NRW, Germany, by Gerd-Ulrich Schmidt in 1974.

Our core business is mixing solutions for a wide range of applications. The SpeedMixer™ equipment becomes particularly useful when mixing is a real challenge and a critical part of the R&D process. The SpeedMixer™ equipment can create in few minutes multi-component air-bubbles free formulations including liquids, high viscosity pastes and powders.

Quality, innovation, commitment and passion are the key drivers of our long-lasting success. Today, the solutions based on the SpeedMixer™ equipment help hundreds of companies developing formulations much faster and with higher reliability. The SpeedMixer™ equipment sets new standards every day!

In the past fifteen years, Hauschild Engineering has developed large size machines to satisfy the increasing demand for production equipment. Today our machines are used for the production in the chemical, pharmaceutical, dental and cosmetic sectors.

Hauschild Engineering cares about the environment and our equipment helps to respect it by reducing to zero the contamination. The SpeedMixer™ equipment is a bladeless mixer that utilizes disposable cups and does not require solvents or other chemicals to be cleaned.

Our machines are hand-made, one by one. The care of the details in every single step, from the design to the final tests, makes of the SpeedMixer™ equipment a high precision tool.

Hauschild Engineering also offers robotic machines and customization services to adapt our equipment to the needs of our customers.